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The key to any great sales conversation? Setting a next step every time

Great sales people always make sure that the route forward is clearly defined. Are you getting it right? Let’s suppose that you know the product you are selling inside and out. Let’s suppose that you have a great interaction with a potential customer who really seems to need your product. It seems like a home […]

The Latest Product News from Groove

The Groove team has been hard at work listening to our customer’s feedback and building out new features that help you conquer your work day and crush your goals. Here are a few of the new features that we launched in Q2: New features People page Get a quick glimpse of any contact or lead […]

4 Steps to Accelerating Sales Linearity

Building a predictable stream of revenue is a challenge for even the most established companies. Rather than closing deals at a steady clip across the quarter, your sales process may look more like a traffic jam: You could have a dozen big deals on the verge of closing for weeks, but no firm commits until […]

Infographic: Top 6 Tips for Sales Ops

People who work in sales ops are often the unsung heroes of any given sales organization. But we all know that sales reps and leaders couldn’t close deals and bring in cash without the critical support of sales ops. We interviewed sales ops experts to learn what they’re thinking about to do their jobs better, […]

Groove named Recommended Sales Tech of the Week by Smart Selling Tools

  Sales is changing, and sales teams have to work harder than ever before to close deals. That’s where smart sales technology comes in.  However, there are so many options out there, how do you know which one would truly move the needle? Thanks to thought leader on sales and marketing productivity tools like Nancy […]

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